Bone Cancer - No Amputation Needed, Can Be Rehabilitated

Bone Cancer - No Amputation Needed, Can Be Rehabilitated. A lump in a person does not always have an ugly connotation. For women, "lumps on the chest" may add beauty, but if a lump is present on an undesirable part of the body, it must be cautioned, lest it be an early sign of bone cancer. Is it true that bone cancer can now be rehabilitated, not amputation?

Bone CANCER, according to experts, has not known the cause. That is why sufferers must undergo amputation alias cut off the affected body part of the cancer.

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Bone Cancer - No Amputation Needed, Can Be Rehabilitated
Bone Cancer - No Amputation Needed, Can Be Rehabilitated - Diseases

Be thankful we are now, technological advances in medicine have been able to give new hope for bone cancer patients. The term rehab, may be more appropriate for those currently undergoing bone cancer treatment today, where doctors will do bone replacement with new bone, by cementation. This last way is practically not without obstacles. The difficulty of obtaining bones in a dead person is one of them. In addition, the term donor bones may not be too popular in the ears of many people. To know the twists and turns of this type of cancer, the following excerpts of the author's interview with Dr. Nicolaas Budhiparama, FICS, Bone Surgeon at Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jakarta;

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Can you explain about bone cancer?

Previously note that between the tumor and cancer the same meaning. There are three kinds of bone tumors that are soft, malignant and have bony lesions (perforation due to tissue injury or disease). In addition there is a primary and secondary. In a secondary bone tumor for example, a person is exposed to a breast tumor, then spreading to the bone and subsequently gnawing at the bone. This bone cancer is a group of malignant bone tumors.

The danger level?

Cancer is the most difficult to treat. In comparison, in other types of cancer, call it breast cancer that has many types, the pathology is easily known, so it is not difficult to handle. In contrast to bone cancer that many types, but penangannannya different. Because too much, no wonder there is a misdiagnosis, consequently practical will also wrong treatment.

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The difference with "osteoporotis"?

Obviously different, osteoporotic diseases characterized by the fragility of bone, causing calcium deficiency. Osteoporosis usually occurs in elderly people, whereas bone cancers are still unknown. Unfortunately, it can attack all ages. Because we have not known the cause, then we are difficult to prevent. All that can be done now is to treat, replace and amputate the affected part of the tumor that can not be saved.

Prevalence in Indonesian?

Not yet known for certain. In this country there is no data center on bone cancer as a whole. All I can say now, there is a new hospital collecting the number of sufferers, but they stand alone, so the total number in the community is not known for sure. Indeed there is a plan Dharmais Cancer Hospital with Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital set up this data center. If this manifests inevitably its prevalence is known.

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Can you explain the early symptoms of this disease?

This is important to know. For symptoms of benign bone tumor, usually the patient does not feel any pain at all. For example, playing football fell, then after being photographed x-ray there was a benign tumor. While the first malignant tumor initially small with lumps. The lump can be large, can be small. This situation is followed by pain and red. If the lump was sequenced, the source of the tumor will break, the result can spread to other parts. Traditional habits are common in our society. Though this is very risky, because the tumor may become un-localized.

If so, massage is harmful to those who are sprained or who are falling out?

The disease arises not because of the fall in question, but before the patient did have a tumor first. If in these conditions done sorting can result in tumor was broken and spread. In such circumstances, of course, must be overcome through replacing bones. While the damaged amputee. I'm not saying the dukun sequence is ugly, but I would recommend that the patient be photographed x-rays first, to be known clearly, tumor or not. For those who do not have a tumor and believe in the dukun please just sorted it out. As for the tumor, it is very dangerous action.

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Tumor like that happy in what part?

Usually, it can be inside and outside the bone. To note, bone cancer has nothing to do with food. Some people suspect the effects of radioactivity in the community. But it is not known exactly what causes.

Those at high risk?

This happens, depending on the type of tumor. If the type osteosarcoma for example, more occur at a young age (a dozen years). While the condrosarcoma group occurred in the age above 50 years. What is clear about all age groups.

Another option besides amputation?

Almost every malignant bone cancer in any condition, always amputation to avoid death. Now with the ability of science and technology can be done another way more "honorable". The sufferer who had cancer before being changed his bone was first turned off his cancer with treatment. If it can still be patched, yes cemented. Or also use a new technique technique limb salvage, where the bone affected by a malignant tumor is connected with the foot of another patient who just died. In accordance with the development, this new therapeutic technique has been developed in almost all cancer healing centers around the world. The success rate increased 80%. In Indonesia also began to be applied. Patients first undergo chemotherapy, after which new malignant tumor removed. When the bone in question needs to be replaced, it is replaced. Of course cooperation in the implementation of this method requires its own skills.

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But does it cost money?

Expensive cost is not so problem. The problem is about bone donors. As with the eye donor, only how many percent of donors come from within the country. While most donors came from Sri Lanka. So is the bone donor. In contrast to abroad. In the Netherlands for example, many people donate bones. His body was dissected, bone removed and replaced with wood. Therefore in the Netherlands, the problem of bone provision does not serve the problem.
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