Chocolate and its effects in the body

Chocolate and its effects in the body. CHOCOLATE is a popular food throughout the world. Brown is certain to be enjoyed by all walks of life, from children to seniors. The exoticism of the chocolate is indeed remarkable. For some people, especially young ahak, Brown is a symbol of compassion.

Chocolate and its effects in the body
Chocolate and its effects in the body - Benefits, Food and Drink

Some research suggests, the consumption of chocolate triggers the release of the hormone serotonin in the brain. This hormone is able to give a feeling of fun and a good mood. That is why in the feeling of Valentine's day (February 14), Brown is the gift most given to loved ones (boyfriend, husband and wife, or parent and child).

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Not only delicious chocolate for consumption, but it also has tremendous benefits. In Latin, the chocolate tree called Theobroma cacao, which means food of the gods. It is called so because it feels good, Brown believed to extend age. Chocolate jugs claimed can prevent various cardiovascular disease clan variety of cancer. Is it true that chocolate has efficacy as horrendous as it is?

Complete Nutrients
Chocolate is a product derived from the cocoa plant is originally from Central America. Plant parts taken to manufacture chocolate is the seed of the fruit of the cocoa. One fruit of the cocoa contain 30 to 40 seeds.

Brown seed which has been harvested and then fermented, dried, roasted, and pressed for oil. Fermentation is the treatment effect on the typical aroma of chocolate.

The main components that play a role in the formation of aroma is tannin. Brown oil is also known by the term cocoa butter. Dregs of oil of chocolate in the shape of pasta then cooled, grinded, clan sifted up to gained ground chocolate or cocoa powder. Powder chocolate still contains nutrients are complete enough, especially carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and some minerals.

Chocolate powder is also still contains small amounts of fat. Other minor components in the powdered chocolate is theobromine, caffeine, polyphenols, clan water. Chocolate powder was then made the raw material in the manufacture of commercial chocolate, namely as a shaper of the dough. In order for taste and aroma better, into a brown powder added cocoa butter. The content of cocoa butter in chocolate products correlated positively with product quality and of course with the price.

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Herb Indian Tribes
Cocoa has been known since ancient times as one of the herb is efficacious for health. The use of cocoa, traditionally was popularized by the tribe of Olmec, Maya, and Aztec, that ancient Indian tribes. Its use in the world of herb can be as single ingredient or mix in other concoctions.

At the end of the 16th century, some physicians have used cocoa as a medicine healer meruclakan fever, tiredness, and jugs to arouse people fainted. Until the mid-20th century has found more than 100 manuscripts contain ancient recipes recommend cocoa as a healer.

At present, the cocoa is better known as the basic ingredients of chocolate makers. Processed chocolate products nowadays are very diverse, ranging from the original chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate wafers, etc.

A very high consumption of chocolate often accused injurious to health. This is due to the high fat in chocolate. World Health admitted, actually there are still many other more healthy food instead of processed products of chocolate. However, why Brown's popularity never faded? What is in chocolate?

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Impact Eforia, Fix The Mood
Chocolate contains substances stimulants, namely a little caffeine and theobromine, both of which belong to the family methylxantine. Each one ounce of milk chocolate contains caffeine which is equal to
one cup of coffee already reduced levels of superiority. It can be concluded that caffeine levels of chocolate is very small, so it is safe to be consumed by children though. While the effects of theobromine is not as strong as the heart's response to caffeine, so people who are sick of the heart may still enjoy delicious chocolate.

Processed chocolate products contain stimulant feniletilamin that have the effect of an antidepressant, as owned by amphetamines. These substances contain components of the pharmacology of n-asetiletanolamin, associated with cannabis or marijuana, capable of triggering the discharge, an endogenous opiates anandamid nutritious raises the eforia.

That is why, the chocolate can improve the mood of the person mengonsumsinya. That was the cause of chocolate, processed foods are often referred to as the food of love, i.e. food that is able to make people be excited and happy.
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