Diseases Of The Colon Cancer, Symptoms And Ways Of Prevention

Diseases Of The Colon Cancer, Symptoms And Ways Of Prevention. Abdominal pain. That is a complaint often perceived Joon, 45 years old, for three years before being convicted of suffering colorectal cancer (colon).

Initially, he was declared a doctor suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, so it's only given the drug antiradang, pain relievers, and antibiotics. However, medicine was never able to eliminate the complaint thoroughly. As a result, stomach pain that recurs, and it always repeats. Until one when he felt a pain in his stomach.

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Diseases Of The Colon Cancer, Symptoms And Ways Of Prevention
Diseases Of The Colon Cancer, Symptoms And Ways Of Prevention - Healthy Lifestyles IlyasWeb

Joon then went back to the doctor. This time, the doctor said, there is a bowel adhesions in magnitude so to do surgery. A portion of any magnitude gut cut. Complete problem? It didn't. Joon that heavy smokers are still often feel pain in the stomach. His body is ever the more lean, and frequently experience diarrhea. The cause of the abdominal pain that was discovered through an examination at a large hospital in Bandung. Certain cancers have been lodged in the colon Joon, and have reached stage IV. Four months after hearing this verdict, Joon passed away for ever.

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Colon cancer is a type of cancer that is found quite often, especially in men and women aged 50 years or more. In men, colon cancer ranks as the third cancer tersering discovered after prostate cancer and lung. While in females, this cancer ranks third after breast cancer and lung. "Of the various reports, in Indonesia there is a rise in the number of cases (of colon cancer), although no definite data. The data in the Department of health found the figure 1.8 per 100 thousand inhabitants, "said doctor Adil S P, SpB KBD, specialist surgical from the Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jakarta.

Colon cancer is the growth of malignant cancer cells in the surface of the colon or rectum. Most colon cancer starts from cell growth that is not malignant adenoma, which is in the early stages of forming polyps (the cells that grow very fast).

At the early stage, adenoma can be removed easily. It's just that at this early stage, often does not manifest any symptoms of adenoma, making it undetectable in a relatively long time. Whereas, adenoma which originally could not give rise to any complaints, at one time can develop into a cancer that eats away all the parts of the colon.

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Early symptoms are not typical makes many sufferers of colon cancer came to the hospital when disease travel is already so advanced. Treatment efforts also became difficult. Whereas, as said Chairperson Specialist disease in Indonesia, Sudoyo Aru doctor SpPD KHOM, major key success handling colon cancer was the discovery of cancer in early stage, so that therapy can be carried out in curative surgery. Unfortunately, things like this are very rare. That often happens is cases like the cancer, i.e. Joon experienced are found at an advanced stage, so that sufferers hope for survival becomes very small.

If colon cancer is found in the stadium I, sufferers of the opportunity to live up to five years of achieving 85-95 percent. While when found at stadium II, the chance of it reaching the 60-80 percent, at approximately 30-60 percent of stage III, and stage IV around 25 percent. "This means that, if there were 100 survivors of colon cancer stage IV, then still-life to five years only five people," said Aru.

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Early detection

To avoid the worst possible, as experienced by Joon, early detection is very important. "Early detection or screening against cancer, can save lives," stated fair.

With early detection of precancerous polyps can be found the presence of an abnormal pertumbuan, i.e. on the large intestine or rectum that can be immediately discarded before turning into cancer. "If everyone aged 50 years or more doing screening on a regular basis, then as much as 60 percent of deaths from colorectal cancer could be avoided," he said.

Early detection is the investigation on the individual is asymptomatic (without symptoms) aimed at detecting the disease at an early stage so that it can be made curative therapy. In General, explained the fair, early detection can be performed on two groups, namely, the general population and high risk groups. Early detection in general population groups do to individuals who are over 40 years old. While those who belong to a high-risk group, among others, are those who never underwent polipektomi for adenoma in the colon, and people who come from families with a history of the disease.

Associated with a family history, you don't have to worry about exaggeration come from families that have a history of colon cancer. According to fairness, genetic factors can indeed be cause for the emergence of this disease, but these factors can be narrowed down. How, please modify your diet and do early detection.

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Causes and symptoms

So far, the cause of colon cancer is indeed not yet known for sure. However, there are some things that supposedly gave rise to a potentially powerful ganas: how the wrong diet (too much to consume foods high in fat and protein, and low in fiber), obesity (overweight), never exposed to colon cancer, came from a family that has a history of colon cancer, intestinal polyps have ever, age (the risk increases at the age above 50 years old), rarely doing physical activity, often exposed to food preservatives or dyes are not for food, and smoking.

In the manual management of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma mentioned that although initial research does not show the relationship of smoking with the incidence of colon cancer, but recent research shows a long, smokers (30-40 years) have risks range from 1.5-3 times. It is estimated, one in five cases of colon cancer in the United States can be attributed to the smoker. The study cohort and case-control with good design show, smoking is associated with a rise in the risk of the formation of adenoma and also increases the risk of change of adenoma into colon cancer. "Therefore in order to prevent the incidence of occurrence of colon cancer are advised not to smoke," said Aru. Regarding the symptoms of colon cancer, Aru mentions some things that often complained of the sufferer, namely:
  1. Bleeding in the colon that are marked with the discovery of blood on the stool while defecating.
  2. Changes in bowel function (constipation or diarrhea) without a clear reason, more than six weeks.
  3. Weight loss without any obvious reason
  4. Pain in the abdomen or the back.
  5. Abdomen still feels full despite his bowel movements. A sense of tired constantly
  6. Cancer can sometimes be a hindrance in the large intestine that looks at some of the symptoms such as constipation, pain, and a sense of bloating in the stomach.
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To treat colon cancer, according to the Aru, surgical therapy is the most effective way, especially when done on a disease that still is localized. However, if it happens to metastasis (the spread), treatment becomes more difficult. However, with the development of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the moment, it allows sufferers of advanced stage or in case of recurrence to undergo therapy adjuvan. Adjuvan therapy is chemotherapy given after the actions of the operation on cancer patients stage III to kill leftover cancer cells.

Currently, adjuvan therapy can be done without injection (intravenous), but rather with oral/tablet (Capacitabine). The availability of the capacitabine tablet allows patients to undergo chemotherapy at home of course its effectiveness better. "Capacitabine is also an oral chemotherapy is safe and working up to the cancer cells," said Aru who also served as Chairman of the Commission Adjuvan Therapy, Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Indonesia working group.

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Kick Ward Off Colon Cancer

Preventing far better than cure. It also applies on colon cancer. In order not to this deadly disease, the unspoiled do prevention efforts. Check out prevention tips from doctor Fair S P SpB KBD:
  1. Avoid foods high in fat, protein, calories, and red meat. Don't forget the consumption of calcium and folic acid. After undergoing the recommended allotment of adenoma polipektomi calcium supplements.
  2. Also recommended vitamin E supplementation, and D.
  3. Eat fruit and vegetables every day.
  4. Maintain a body mass index of between 18.5 – 25.0 kg/m2 throughout life.
  5. Doing physical activity, such as brisk walking at least 30 minutes a day.
  6. Avoid the habit of smoking. Soon did a colonoscopy and polipektomi in patients who found the presence of polyps.
  7. Do early detection blood test with vague since the age of 40 years.
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