General Questions About Cancer In Children's

General Questions About Cancer In Children. Do kids get exposed to cancer? Kids get cancer, but cancer in children is not common. In developed countries with a more complete statistics, each year the cancer occurred in 120-160 per 1 million children under the age of 15 years. Roughly, one in each 300-500 person will be exposed to cancer before reaching age 20.

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General Questions About Cancer In Children's
General Questions About Cancer In Children's - Children's Health IlyasWeb

Why children affected by cancer? For most cancers, the answer to this question is still uncertain.  Of every child who suffered from cancer, is nearly impossible, we know why she suffered from cancer then.

From a statistical point of view, we find that the cancer in children can be associated with genetics, chromosome aberrations, immune deficiency, infections like Epstein-Barr virus, Hepatitis B and HIV infection (human immunodeficiency virus), exposed beam radiation, the treatment of which is immune suppressing, or even due to anti-cancer treatment.

On the contrary, there is no evidence or less there is evidence that the following things related to cancer in children: the mother's diet during pregnancy, vitamin K injections given in the newborn, vaccinations, electromagnetic field, or power lines near a place to live.

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Is cancer similar in young children with cancer in adults? No, cancer in children is unique (see below). Even for the same type of cancer, biological properties and response to treatment is very different between children and adults. In General, the results of treatment of cancer in children is better than in adults. Therefore, it is not appropriate to apply what is known about cancer in adults as in children.

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The investigation of what is required? Investigation is required to (a) ensure diagnosis and classify the types of cancer, and (b) determine the stage of disease. The results are important to determine the most appropriate treatment for the child. In addition to a physical evaluation, the child will undergo blood and urine testing, research through the scanning and image capture (imaging), and most of the tumor tissue will be taken for microscopic examination (diagnosis of Pathology). Some children may also require a bone marrow biopsy.

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How to treat cancer in children? After a diagnosis of cancer is confirmed and unknown group and stadiumnya, the doctor will determine which treatment or treatment combination is best for the child. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other biological elements.

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Whether children can stand the treatment? The answer is "Yes", but they need good support treatment.  Treatment of cancer in children involve complications, either suddenly or delayed. Some of these complications, such as bleeding and infection, can be dangerous. Children with cancer should be treated in special treatment centers, with an experienced medical team and complete facilities.

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What results does it take? Anti cancer treatment outcomes in children depending on the major diseases and the rate of keparahannya. In total, 70-75% of the children who was diagnosed with the cancer until the day is expected to be able to survive until the long (and incurable), if they are treated with contemporary Protocol by an experienced medical team with supporting facilities either.
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