How To Benefit From Vitamin Supplements

How To Benefit From Vitamin Supplements. What is it called vitamins? Vitamin compounds needed to regulate the metabolic functions in the body, cell repair and prevent premature aging.

How To Benefit From Vitamin Supplements
How To Benefit From Vitamin Supplements - Vitamins, Benefits

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are fat soluble, while the B and C are water soluble. Due to stress, dietary changes and more polluting the environment, levels of vitamins in the body of any diminished.

This condition affects the immune system, making the body's durability decreases. To overcome this problem a lot of people who are consuming vitamins in supplement form.

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Supplements are nutrients that the body needs it to kala added metabolic processes, for example when stress or during healing or on sportsmen.

But if the body does not need and we keep taking it, then it will happen so that excess supplementation is no longer safe for the body.

The various effects of consuming excessive vitamin supplements include:

  1. Excess vitamin A supplements could be at risk of brittle bones (osteoporosis), pain in joints, headache, fatigue, hair loss, etc.
  2. Excess vitamin B3 supplements can damage the lever
  3. Excess vitamin B6 supplements can damage nerves
  4. Excess vitamin E supplements cause diarrhea and headache

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In order to still get the benefits of the supplements we recommend:

  • Note: the benefits of a product label, composition, dosage per day, how storage, warning of usage.
  • Note how the use of and comply with the rule.
  • The consumption of vitamin supplements in the morning.
  • Fat soluble vitamins should be consumed along with fatty foods to support the process of absorption.
  • Vitamineral consumption time should be consistent in terms of dose or time
  • Do not consume supplements.
  • When the pattern of eating well, needs no supplement.
  • Eat vitamins and minerals that come from nature such as vegetable and fruit safer
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle like quitting smoking and avoiding alcoholic beverages.
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