Internet in claims can boost Brainpower

Internet in claims can boost Brainpower. Surfing in cyberspace (internet) it turns out could improve brain function and minimize the possibility of memory loss memory. At least this proved in adults was around 50 years old and above. The latest research results the research team psychiatrist and researcher of nervous University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) indicates, the use of the internet on the old people can improve cognitive function.

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Internet Boost Brainpower and Increase Intelligence
Internet Boost Brainpower and Increase Intelligence - Brain Healt IlyasWeb

The site of the National Geographic News and the Daily Telegraph, Tuesday (20/10), which cites the results of the research, said that UCLA team compare 24 adults ages 55-78 years an entirely unprecedented open internet with the never absent every day. As a result, there is an increase in the activity of the part of the brain that handles memory and decision making. "It shows, the membuka-buka site on the internet can be an easy way to train your brain," said senior research associate Teena d. Moody.

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Volunteer research prompted open internet in the House for four hours each day. Not just any open site, but specifically using search engines and answer a question a variety of topics that are in different sites. One week later the Volunteers checked and the result there is an increased brain activity in regions associated use of language ability, visual, memory, and reading.

During this time the effect of technology on brain function into a heated debate. The Director of the Royal Institution Susan Greenfield linking social networking sites on the internet with the reduced power of concentration in children. He also blamed the short message service (SMS) as a cause of increasing indifference on the child.
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