Many Lice In Your Hair?? A new solution for head lice hair!

How To Remove Head Lice Hair. Wah lousy hair? no doubt, shame, ticks can attack anyone who is not fortunate, not because you're dirty or lazy bath. Stigma kadang2 did make lousy people being embarrassed. But in reality its even in Europe though lousy hair can still occur even if sanitation in the country is much better than Indonesia.

How To Remove Head Lice Hair
How To Remove Head Lice Hair - Hair Health

Many Lice In Your Hair?? A new solution for head lice hair! If you want to eliminate head lice in the hair of the child, but does not want to use chemical-based drugs, hairdryer (hair dryer) can be used. Use in children for 30 minutes. The hair dryers are not necessary in hot conditions if the stel am hair your child will be damaged.

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In fact the experience a lice infestation-resistant with a variety of chemical products so there is rarely a chemical obat2 is not efficacious. Unless a special comb is still effective, but their use should be carefully, and many people didn't like it because of pain during the hair tertarik-tarik.

Now there has been a special tool called, but how it works closely with the hairdryer to overcome hair kutuan the same way of working with a blow dryer. Dr. Dale Clayton says similar tools that made this hairdryer is not hot, but the wind being issued is larger than an ordinary hairdryer tool. The Act of avoiding heat, because it was feared the child's scalp can catch fire when 30 minutes done in a State of heat. This therapy with lice or lice eggs that are difficult rambutpun diakar reached with combs, may die with the tool.

In 30 minutes, therapy removes/off ticks of about 80% and 98% of lice eggs. Researchers say there are no side effects from the therapy action using this tool.

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How to form your own hair lice?

Fleas are very small, the shape is colored insects coklet the light. His life in the human head. Fleas-lice will spawn is grayed out, then the tick make tunnels/holes in the scalp. These eggs can hatch after 1 week. Ticks start putting her eggs after their two-week-old. So in short time one has had hundreds of lice in her head.

Are hair flea doesn't like flying and can't jump. They moved from one head to head to another when the two heads close together, for example when running together with carrier ticks. The hair lice requires warm conditions to survive. So it's no wonder the tropical country into heaven the fleas!
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