Misunderstanding About 4 Healthy 5 Perfect, Among the Public

Misunderstanding About 4 Healthy 5 perfect. The community's mistaken in understanding the tagline "4 Healthy 5 Perfect". One cause is the presence of the wrong lesson book explains the concept of healthy eating patterns.

It presented the teacher of Faculty of public health Nutrition Department of public health of the University of Indonesia, Dr. Dr. Endang Achadi MPH, as speaker in International Nutrition Symposium 2009 Conference and Nutrition Clinic 6th Asia Pacific in Makassar South Sulawesi, Monday (12/10).
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Misunderstanding About 4 Healthy 5 Perfect Among the Public
Misunderstanding About 4 Healthy 5 Perfect Among the Public - Health Problems, Healthy Lifestyles
According to him, the misunderstanding of the community are reflected from the research community understanding about balanced diet which was conducted in 10 city in Indonesian in 2009.

"The respondents include 100 students of class IV and V. Most students consider a balanced diet is a 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. They know that vitamins are important, but there are students who would argue, not cheap fruits bervitamin fruit, while expensive it bervitamin. The most alarming, the students it considers full milk, "said Endang.
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There is a pupils does not consider the source of the carbohydrates in addition to rice can be consumed to replace rice. "Mi, for example, is considered a side dish and snack all the students in the school," he said.

Parents and teachers understand the balanced diet as a 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. "There is textbook SCIENCE for class III and class V defines a balanced diet as a 4 Healthy 5 Perfect. There is no explanation that includes a balanced diet or exercise, drink plenty of water. There is a book stating, children should drink milk because of the reduced vegetable nutrient content when cooked. Embossed impression, nutrient content of milk does not change when it is cooked, "he said.
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As the questioner, a nutritionist at the University of Indonesia, Prof Dr Walujo Soerjodibroto Msc PhD SpGk (K) reminds, the slogan 4 Healthy 5 Perfect nutritional concepts is best known to the public and give directives about the healthy eating pattern. The concept of balanced diet is too technical, too abstract, for the nutritionist.

"We always say, pregnant women should live a balanced diet, sufferers of specific disease live a balanced diet. Then what is the sense of a balanced diet? Lest it terms that don't mean anything, "said Walujo.
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He stated, he was not rejecting the streamlining the understanding of diet and healthy living, but the nutritionists should give the referral patterns of living that are more concrete than wear the term "balanced diet".

"I'm not saying the concept of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect it is already good. However, discard the concept of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect and replace it with the concept of balanced diet thus confusing. The term a balanced diet does not provide any conduct referrers. As for the 4 Healthy 5 Perfect at least give referral behavior. Maybe the sense of Perfect ' 5 ' it needs to be replaced, so as not to give rise to the perception, not drink milk that's not healthy, "said Walujo.
Nutritionist : Dr. Endang Achadi MPH & Prof Dr Walujo Soerjodibroto Msc PhD SpGk (K)
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