Not always a Bloody Bowel Movements it is Dangerous, it's the reason!

Not always a Bloody Bowel Movements it is Dangerous. Many people are afraid that seeing blood. Not to mention if the blood was coming from his own. What else happened suddenly feels without cause before, blood fresh blood, mengucurnya Rapids ... more! If you are experiencing it for the first time when you were shitting in the toilet, the Rev. Whew ... sure, you certainly surprised!
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Not always a Bloody Bowel Movements it is Dangerous
Not always a Bloody Bowel Movements it is Dangerous - Disease, Healthy Lifestyles
But don't panic just yet! You should know what is happening to you. Where does the blood come from, it's been how parahkah, what you need to do and what is roughly the doctors can do to help you as well as the most important thing that could be eliminated or cured. Blood diarrhea can come from things that are trivial, just a small cut in the anus until the heavy things such as cancer that makes your chances of living could have predicted.
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The color of blood and flow with the Rapids can be determined from the part where the blood is coming from. If blood comes out fresh red, not mixed in with the stool let alone kucurannya toned uncertain provenance is not far from the surface of the anus that cause because the blood vessels that burst and most of it sourced from haemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Logically we can expect if the blood was dripping and followed after discharge one hard faeces. Unlike bleeding which originated from the large intestine at the base, it will just seem the faeces are blackish. Or blackish blood with a very fishy smell to be expected due to bleeding that occurs in the stomach or intestine.

Then, how to know it for sure. In the world of medicine, there are some tool or tools to detect the source of the bleeding, the layout, the form of all even know the content of their cells by biopsy. Examination of supporting it is a form of endoscopy, colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy there is also less invasive techniques such as ct multislice scan cyclical.
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What are the symptoms of diarrhea disease that allow this blood? Of course in addition to the patient, a doctor directs this estimate based on other data, as well as the pattern of bowel movements before, there is not pain, age, derivatives and other physical circumstances. If not sure what kelainannya that required the examination of support as above. Not less than 80% of cases diarrhea blood that comes from the anus in adults comes from haemorrhoids. The other possibility is infection, divertichel, polips, ulcus and others. If it happens in the elderly should be considered the possibility of a malignancy or cancer of the bowel.
For more details, find the nearest surgeon!
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