Symptoms Of Brain Cancer You Need To Know!

Symptoms Of Brain Cancer You Need To Know. Like other parts of the body, the brain can be affected by a tumor or cancer. The difference is, if on the part of the body other benign tumors are sometimes not annoying and not dangerous, no matter benign tumors in the brain can be quite disturbing and endanger lives.

Symptoms Of Brain Cancer You Need To Know!
Symptoms Of Brain Cancer You Need To Know! - Diseases IlyasWeb, Healthy Lifestyles

The large number of parts of the brain that has the function of setting different bodies make tumors and brain cancer has symptoms that are extremely variable. Symptoms that appear depend on the part of the brain where the tumor appears.

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Dr. Alexander Japardi explains the common symptoms of brain cancer and tumors are as follows:

General Cerebral Symptoms

Mental changes can be either mild (psychomotor asthenia), which can be felt by the family near sufferers include: irritability, emotional, unstable, forgetful, slowing of mental and social activity, loss of initiative and spontaneity, it may found ansietas and depression. This symptom is progressive and walking can be found on the 2/3 case.

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Head Pain

Estimated 1% pain cause brain tumors and the head is 30% early symptoms of brain tumor are head pain. Whereas cont symptoms found 70% of cases. The nature of the head pain varies from mild to severe, and episodic and throbbing, generally gain weight at night and wake up in the morning at the time as well as on the circumstances in which occurs the elevation of intracranial pressure is high. The presence of headaches with psychomotor asthenia need suspected brain tumor.

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There are 30% of cases and generally meyertai head pain. More often found in the tumor in the posterior fossa, the general nature of the projectile vomiting and is not accompanied by nausea.

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Generation of seizures can be an early symptom of brain tumor in 25% of cases, and more than 35% of cases at an advanced stage. An estimated 2% causes generation of seizures is a brain tumor.
Need a suspected cause of the generation of seizures is a brain tumor when:

  1. First seizure generation aged over 25 years
  2. Experience the post iktal complete
  3. Experienced epileptic status
  4. Resistant to epileptic medications
  5. Generation coupled with high intracranial pressure symptoms etc.
  6. Generation of seizure is found in 70% of brain tumors in the cortex, 50% of patients with astrositoma, 40% in patients meningiomas, and 25% in glioblastoma.
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High Intracranial Pressure Symptoms (TTIK)

Form of complaint of the head pain in the frontal and occipital areas arising in the morning and evening, and projectile vomiting decreased consciousness. On examination found papil udem. This State needs to act soon because the threat can arise at any time the herniation. In addition can be found teregangnya N.VI result N.VI parese by TTIK. Tumours-tumours often provide symptoms of TTIK without symptoms or focal lateralisasi is meduloblatoma, spendimoma of ventricular III, cerebellar haemangioblastoma, and craniopharingioma.

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In addition to the above common symptoms there are specific symptoms based on the location and function of the brain that was attacked. Among other things:

The tumor in the Frontal lobe:

  1. Changes of behavior and personality
  2. A decrease in the ability of judging something
  3. The decline in the power of smell
  4. The decline in memory
  5. Paralysis on one side of the body
  6. The decline in mental function/cognitive
  7. Decreased vision and inflammation of the nerves of the eye

The Parietal Lobe tumors:

  1. Decreased ability to talk
  2. Can not write
  3. Not able to recognize someone
  4. Seizures
  5. Disorientation spaces
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The tumor in the occipital lobe:

  1. Loss of vision in one or both eyes
  2. Seizures

Tumors in the Temporal lobe:

  1. Decreased ability to talk
  2. Seizures
  3. Sometimes without symptoms at all

Tumors in the Posterior Fossa:

  1. Walking disorders
  2. Head pain
  3. Vomiting

Tumors in Cerebello Pontin Angie:

  1. Hearing loss
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Tumors in the brainstem:

  1. Changes of behavior and emotional (more sensitive, easily offended)
  2. Tough talk and swallow
  3. Sleepy
  4. Headache, especially early in the morning
  5. Loss of hearing
  6. Nervous weakness on one side of the face
  7. Nervous weakness on one side of the body
  8. Uncontrolled movements
  9. Loss of vision, eyelids close, squint, etc.
  10. Vomiting

Tumors in Brain Membranes:

  1. Headache
  2. Loss of hearing
  3. Disorders of speech
  4. Inkontinensi (not being able to control urination/large)
  5. Mental and emotional disorders (apathy, anarchists, etc.)
  6. Prolonged drowsiness
  7. Seizures
  8. Loss of vision
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Pituitary Gland Tumors:

  1. Stopping of menstruation (amenorrhea)
  2. Producing breast milk
  3. Impotence

Tumors in the hypothalamus:

  1. Disorders of sexual development in children
  2. Dwarf
  3. Stopping of menstruation (amenorrhea)
  4. Fluid and electrolyte disorders

Tumors in the ventricles:

  1. Hydrocephalus
  2. Stiff neck
  3. Head tilting
  4. Sudden head pain
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Decreased consciousness

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Although experiencing one or more of the symptoms above, not necessarily a person suffered from a brain tumor or cancer. To verify the direct examination needs to be done by a specialist (surgical) nerve and advanced examinations such as MRI, CT scan, angiogram, myelogram, spinal tap, as well as a biopsy.
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