The Easy Way to Make Your Child Sleep Well

The Easy Way to Make Your Child Sleep Well. Whatever the consequences arising from a child accompany sleep method to prevent it from crying in the middle of the night, or occasionally let her cry, it is important for parents to ensure children sleep ritual.
The Easy Way to Make Your Child Sleep Well
The Way to Make Your Child Sleep Well - Children Health, Healthy Lifestyles

Here's a little trick to ensure your child good night's sleep:
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  1. Make sure your child is getting enough to eat throughout the day. He'll learn that during the day is a time to eat, and the evening is the time to sleep. In this way he will not often woke up hungry.
  2. Specify a regular sleep schedule. A consistent sleep routine during the day also helped organize a restful night.
  3. Bring your little one to bed earlier, for example at 18.30 19.00 or. Don't get caught up with the principle of making the child continue to be awake so that makes it even more tired. Excessive fatigue thus making it more difficult to fall asleep. Some experts say, the baby to bed early will sleep longer.
  4. Make changes slowly. If the child is accustomed to more sleep late, do not immediately move hours sleep, for example, from 21.30 to 19.00 o'clock. The sliding hour sleep a little earlier each night, until you find the best time for the little one.
  5. Find a comfortable sleep routine, and remains on the schedule. For example, washing his hands and feet, read out the book, singing lullabies, then put out the lights and go to sleep.
  6. Develop cues "key", called Elizabeth Pantley (author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution) as a signal to children that it is time to sleep. Whispers like "ssshhhh", or say gently, "come, sleep Yes." Repeat the whisper every time you invite a child to sleep, or go back to sleep when he is awake at midnight.
  7. Create a comfortable sleep atmosphere according to the wishes of the child. Some children want a quiet and dark. The soft music, nature sounds, or sounds of kecipak water in aquariums, can also be soothing. Make sure sepreinya is comfortable and not dirty (warm with bottles containing hot water before lay the baby on it), and her clothes are not too narrow. Younger infants can sleep more soundly when wrapped in a blanket. However do not clothe the child with a layered outfit that makes it overheats.
  8. Don't respond to noise made the child. Know whether he actually crying, or just whining. If you are not sure, please wait for a few minutes outside the door so you don't bother him if he actually fell asleep.
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