What is Ambeien? This is the sense, symptoms, Diagnosis, and treatment of Integrated Ambeien

What is Ambeien? This is the sense, symptoms, Diagnosis, and treatment of Integrated Ambeien. Ambeien / Hemorrhoid is a widening of the veins in the hemorroidalis Plexus which did not constitute a State of patologik. Hemorrhoid is swelling in the anal hole submucosa containing small arteries, venous Plexus, a network of areola and widened.

What is Ambeien? This is the sense, symptoms, Diagnosis, and treatment of Integrated Ambeien
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Hemorrhoid, ambeien, or hemorrhoids can be experienced by anyone. But often the sufferer feel ashamed or deemed not important then little regard for health disorders. In anatomy ambeien is not a disease, but rather the physiological changes that occur in blood vessels in the anal pads, dilation and swelling of blood vessels and surrounding tissues.

This pad functions as a valve/a.k.a. help anal muscles hold the stool. If there are distractions (Dam) blood flow, then blood vessels will be widened and swell, this State is called ambeien.

In General, ambeien divided two Internal and external Ambeien Ambeien.

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1. internal Ambeien
the swelling occurs in the rectum so that it cannot be seen or touched. This type of swelling is painless because there is only a little bit of nerves in the rectum area. Sign which can be known is bleeding while defecating. The problem is so simple anymore, not when this internal ambeien enlarges and out onto the lip of the anus that causes pain. Ambeien pink that looks after its own entrance can be cured, but it can also be driven in.

2. external Ambeien
attack the anus so that cause pain, burning, and itching. If pushed out by the stool, ambeien this can result in clotting (thrombosis), which makes the blue-purple ambeien.

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Increased venous pressure resulting from straining (a diet low in fiber) or haemodynamic changes (while pregnant) causes chronic dilation of the submucosal Plexus of veins. Found on the position of the clock 3, 7, and 11 on the hole anus.

In addition a hemorrhoid is also caused due to:

  1. Hereditary factors
  2. Pregnancy due to hormonal changes
  3. Obstipasi (constipation/constipation) the chronical.
  4. The disease makes sufferers often mengejan, for example: a benign enlarged prostate or prostate kenker, narrowing of the urinary tract, and often gives birth to a child.
  5. The emphasis back flow of blood veins, as in cancer of the rectum, rectal inflammation, narrowing of the rectum, the increase in the pressure of the blood vessels of the port (in the abdominal cavity), sick lever type of cirrhosis (mengkerut), a weak heart, and spleen swelling.
  6. A lot of sitting.
  7. Chronical diarrhoea.
  8. Stretch. This example happens to someone who likes doing unconventional sexual relationships i.e. anogenital.

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  1. Rectal bleeding, blood coming out can be a trickle but can also be gushing blood, pink, sufferers usually doesn't feel pain.
  2. The taste of Scotch, after CHAPTER (defecate) there is a sensation of flavor of Scotch, this condition creates the impression that the process of CHAPTER not over, so someone mengejan this action is stronger, thus making ambeien is getting worse.
  3. Itching, because the part that feels pain in the rectum are difficult to clean, the virus will very easily cause skin infections that trigger the itching.

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Ambeien on pregnant women

This happens in pregnant women due to fetal growth pressure on hemorrhoid veins. Pregnant women particularly vulnerable to suffer due to increased hormone levels ambeien pregnancy that weaken vein walls at the anus. Many pregnant women suffering from ambeien after 6 months gestational age due to increased venous pressure in the pelvic area. Some pregnant women also experience ambeien for labor due to the pressure of a strong baby. Complications after childbirth also trigger ambeien. For example, lembutnya the vaginal area and anus is often part of the mother causes delay defecation, so triggered constipation and hemorrhoids.

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Clinical overview

  1. Degrees I: fresh red Bleeding without pain and itching.
  2. Degree II: bleeding, pain, and notably, the repositioning of spontaneous.
  3. Degree III: bleeding, mononjol, very painful, and reposition the manual.
  4. Degree IV: bleeding, bulge, continuous pain, and cannot be repositioned.

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  1. Blood in anal
  2. Prolapse
  3. Feeling uncomfortable in the anus (perhaps puritus anus)
  4. Expenses slime
  5. Secondary anemia (maybe)
  6. Looks typical abnormalities on inspection
  7. A typical picture on anoskopi/rektoskopi

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Before a treatment can be carried out, needed careful examination.

  1. Anamnesa or history of disease
  2. Physical examination i.e. inspection and rektaltouche (plug anal)
  3. Inspection with binoculars i.e. anuskopi or proktoskopi and rektoskopi
  4. X-rays (colon inloop) and/or colonoscopy
  5. Examination of blood, urine, stool examination as support

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There are many things that can be done to prevent a recurrence of hemorrhoids, the major include:
  1. Avoid mengejan too strong when the CHAPTER
  2. Prevent constipation/constipation with a lot of consuming foods rich in fiber (vegetable and fruit and nuts) and drink plenty of plain water for a minimum of eight glasses a day to launch a CHAPTER
  3. Immediately to the rear if the intention of the CHAPTER appears, don't procrastinate before stool become hard
  4. Eat vegetables and fruit that is quite a lot of
  5. Reduce consumption of Chillies and spicy food
  6. Sleep pretty
  7. Don't sit for too long
  8. Sports/gymnastics routine

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There are two kinds of treatment i.e. without surgery and by means of surgery. Both kinds of ways there are advantages and disadvantages of each. In the first way can be done in the framework of outpatient being on how both the patients must be treated for made in for anesthesia. The simple therapy can be done with a laxative and a diet high in fiber.

While a complex therapy can be done skleroterapi, ligation with ties Barron, surgical krio/frozen, and hemorrhoidektomi.

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Is injecting a chemical solution that stimulate, for example 5% phenol in vegetable oil. Injection is given to the submucosa in loose areolar tissue in internal hemorrhoid bwah with a purpose raises sterile inflammation which later became fibrotik and leave a scar. Injection is done above on the top of the line mukokutan with a long needle through anuskop. If the injection is done in the right place, then there will be pain.

Penyulit injection is acute prostatitis, infection if it enters the prostate, and hypersensitivity reactions against drugs are injected.

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Ligation with rubber wristbands/Bond Barron

A large Hemorrhoid or who suffered a prolapse can be treated by ligation of the rubber rings according to Barron. With the help of anuskop, the above hemorrhoid mucosa protruding clipped and pulled or smoked into the ligator tube special. Rubber bracelets are driven from the ligator and placed for meetings around the Plexus hemorrhoidalis mucosa. Necrosis due to ischemia occurs within a few days. Mucous along the rubber will be off on its own. Fibrosis and scarring will occur at the base of the hemorrhoid. At one time the therapy just tied one complex of hemorrhoid, while subsequent ligation is performed within two to four weeks.

The main Penyulit of the ligation is the incidence of pain because terkenanya line mukokutan. Great pain also can be caused by infection, bleeding may occur at the time of the hemorrhoid undergoing necrosis, usually seven to ten days.

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Frozen surgery/KRIO

Hemorrhoid can also be frozen with refrigeration at low temperatures. This frozen surgery not used widely by because the mucosa necrotic difficult specified extent. Surgical krio is more suitable for palliative therapy in carcinoma of the rectum which is inoperabel.

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Surgical therapy is chosen for sufferers who experience chronically and complaints on hemorrhoid sufferers degree III or IV. Surgical therapy can also be done in people with recurrent with inflammation and anemia who were not cured by other therapies are way simpler. Hemorrhoid sufferers degree IV suffered a thrombosis and pain can be helped immediately with great hemorrhoidektomi.

Principles must be observed in the hemorrhoidektomi is the excision is only done on a network that is truly excessive. Sehemat excision may be done on normal skin and the anoderm with unobtrusive sphincter anus.

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